Editorial: The Security of our Lodge is on Thin Ice

Contributed by Dr. Meriweather Southwark

Frozen Moat

The entrance to the Forest Park Fox Hunt’s underground lodge, unacceptably accessible via ice.

As happens every winter, the moat that surrounds the entrance to our underground lodge has become frozen. What was formerly a formidable barrier is now, at best, a slippery inconvenience, and our subterranean lodge is temporarily without its primary defense against fox incursion. Whereas under normal circumstances a fox must acquire a watercraft to reach the entrance to our lodge, the moat’s iced state allows any interested fox to simply trot across. Continue reading

Editorial: We Must Arrest Our Park’s Decline

Contributed by Commodore Percy Houndsfarthing

Put on your stereoscopic glasses and see this in 3-D!

I ask Hunt members to reflect upon the images above. You are probably aware that the image on the right is the Grand Basin as viewed from the summit of Art Hill. You can be forgiven for assuming that the image on the left is of some sort of white marble paradise that exists only in the heavens. Continue reading

Editorial: Motorcars–A Menace to Gentlemen

Contributed by Earl Lesley Whitechapel

This is what a “car” looks like.

Members of the Forest Park Fox Hunt, and indeed all gentleman of St. Louis, will have noticed of late the unwelcome proliferation of motorcars in Forest Park. With their unnatural shininess, antennae, and glazed windscreens, these “cars” have proven to be a menace to those of us habituated to enjoying the park on horseback. Continue reading

Editorial: The Greatest Insult

Vicky Vixen in her controversial role as Eliza Doolittle in the 2008 MUNY production of My Fair Lady.

Contributed by Professor Fawkes Foxington,  Human

Without any doubt, the most rewarding part of moving to St. Louis from my ancestral home in Fox City has been my deepening involvement with the Forest Park Fox Hunt. Living in this city has many benefits. But the opportunity to observe the members of this Hunt, explore your lodge, and discuss with you your theories and strategies for hunting foxes has been the most entertaining and, dare I say, amusing part of my move. Continue reading