Book Review: A Rousing Hunt for Rainy Days

Reviewed by Master Basil Bermondsey

The book includes a trophy for the reader.

Curse the days when inclement weather prevents the Forest Park Fox Hunt from running! Is there any event more consternating than awakening with fire in one’s blood for the hunt, only to find that a snowfall or tornado lays across the land and precludes the hounds and horses from running?

Yesterday was one such day. I had resigned myself to scratching my foxhunt itch by training in my wine cellar. But just as my manservant wound the clockwork fox and I inflated my blow-up hounds, a courier arrived bearing a message from my good friend Reverend Albert Ratcliff. This courier had brought a book, along with a note: “My good Basil; today’s hunt is cancelled, but perhaps you’ll find some succor in the work of the late Mr. Stanley Reeve.” Continue reading