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The Forest Park Fox Hunt is the premier hunt in St. Louis, Missouri’s Forest Park, and the only hunt authorized and licensed by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. The hunt runs daily in the winter and nightly in the summer, when the city’s extreme northern latitude results in nearly 24-hour daylight.


The origins of the Forest Park Fox Hunt are shrouded by the mists of time, and no one knows when man first began to wage our city’s ancient war against the crafty and devious fox. It is known, however, that the hunt predates Forest Park…prior to the park’s establishment in 1876, we were known simply as “the Forest Fox Hunt.” And it is believed that during the prehistoric period when Missouri lay submerged beneath a great inland sea, we may simply have been “the Fox Hunt.”

Some claim that prior to the evolution of foxes, we were thought of as “the Hunt.” But this is absurd. It is highly unlikely that there ever was a time without foxes.


Any St. Louis gentleman or lady owning a horse, hounds, and a minimum of 20 hectares in Forest Park is eligible to join the hunt.


The Forest Park Fox Hunt believes strongly in the importance of giving back to the community. Any fox apprehended by the hunt will have its pelt donated to needy orphans, newspaper boys, bootblacks, chimneysweeps, or whomever else might be underfoot at the time.

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